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Dr Kiyingi causes threats in people power ahead of 2021

by James Ateenyi

Uganda Cardiologist based in Australia Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi has announced a fresh presidential bid in 2021 to oust president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from power in an audio played during the DP Block Busoga Reunion at Kakindu Studiam in Jinja yesterday.

Dr. Kiyingi the chairman of Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) in an audio said that he is set to work with Uganda’s opposition to defeat president Museveni to provide leadership to the country.

“It is a historical gathering, members of Uganda’s opposition coming together as a united front to make arrangements to change this government. To be more clear, to put a proper government because there is no government for the moment.” Dr. Kiyingi said in the audio.
Dr. Kiyingi attacked government officials who run outside the country for medical treatment yet they are responsible for the county’s health sector.
“Hospitals do not have drugs, speaker Rebecca Kadaga, permanent secretary of ministry of finance Mukahanizi Keith would not have gone a broad for treatment. Why can’t they be treated in Mulago, why not treated in Kiruddu referral hospital? Because they do not trust the system. Kiruddu hospital is a shame, a source of infection, a disgrace to this country.” Dr. Kiyingi stated in his audio.
Dr. Kiyingi claimed that he is preparing to contest with president Museveni come 2021 and called upon a united opposition to force president Museveni out of power.
“No amount of intimidation will make me drop my presidential bid.” Kiyingi stated.
Dr. Kiyingi is a son to Ssebowa Zzakalia who was a peasant farmer in Busukuma, Namulonge in Wakiso district. He was shot dead in 1980’s.

However Dr. Kiyingi’s family is traced from Kafu village in Nakaseeke village. The heart specialist, was arrested at Kitetikka village in Wakiso district at the burial of his wife in July 2005 and charged with murder of his wife Robinah Kiyingi.

Dr. Kiyingi was acquitted, and went back to Australia where he has lived up-to-date and planning a mega come back to contest on the presidential seat with Mr. Museveni in 2021.

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