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Dr Atwine hit back at Museveni over fake COVID positive results claims

by Odongo Christopher

President Museveni on Thursday while speaking during the budget reading event, accused Makerere University laboratory that is doing coronavirus testing of faking test results.

Mr Museveni said the incorrect results from Makerere lab could have been caused by work overload.

“Some of the 679 confirmed cases were classified as positive when they are not by a laboratory in Makerere because they were careless. Apparently there were a few people working there and probably got tired,” he said.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr. Diana Atwine has once again come out to rubbish President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ‘s words.

This time she was diluting allegations by the president who said that some covid 19 samples at a Makerere lab were confirmed positive yet they were negative.

Diana said this was a wrong move by the president as this wasnt the fact. She explained that a person may test postive and hours later test negative when the viral load in his body reduces due to the anti bodies( immunoglobulins) that try to fight the virus.

Diana added that if the president continues to spin such negative words upon the ministry, the public will lose trust in government and this may tempt people to act contrary to the guidelines why may result into the virus spreading further.

Dr Atwine few weeks ago disagreed with Museveni on distribution of masks reasoning that masks will only be procured after following clear procurement procedures laid out in the constitution.

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