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DP chief mobilizer Dr Jose Chameleon hideout revealed

by Odongo Christopher

The moment Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone was unveiled as a member of the Democratic Party (DP) In July this year, the party president, general, Nobert Mao declared him the chief mobiliser of the party.

Chameleone together with his brothers; Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and Douglas Mayanja were unveiled at Nsambya Youth Sharing Hall as DP launched a fresh recruitment drive.

However, Chameleone has since gone silent despite promising DP to recruit one million new party supporters. This has left many wondering whether he was backtracking on his promise to help in rejuvenating DP.

Addressing journalists at a weekly party press conference in Kampala on Wednesday, Michael Mabikke one of the principals of the DP bloc clarified that Chameleone was still committed to DP and the cause for regime change.

“He has been out of the country for the last two months for private business in the United States and Canada as a musician and will be returning on September 11, 2019.

As the chief mobiliser in the office of the party president he has planned a robust mobilization programme to woo more members to the party when he returns,” he said.

DP has since dismissed claims by social media that the singer joined DP as a mole with the agenda of undermining the party and entire opposition.

“How come that those that are not moles have failed to drive Museveni out of power? We shall not pay attention to such talk,” Mao remarked while announcing Chameleone as the chief mobilizer.

A few months back Chameleone apologized to the DP fraternity for featuring in President Yoweri Museveni and National Resistance Movement (NRM)’S 2016 campaign hit “Tubonga Nawe”.

Chameleone explained that the Museveni campaign team had contacted him as a service provider rather than a supporter.

Since joining the party, Chameleone has addressed the weekly party conference in his capacity as the chief party mobiliser just once.

Mabikke revealed that the party is ongoing with its mobilization efforts in preparation for the 2021 general elections.

“Currently party leaders are meeting Bunyoro leaders and mobilisers in Hoima district as part of the ongoing consultations in the proposed amendments in the party constitution ahead of the delegates’ conference,” he said.

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