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DP boss explains why Besigye was attacked by Bobi Wine

by James Ateenyi

Following critism from various stakeholders and opposition supporters, DP bloc had come out to explain the reason why opposition leader and former presidential chandidate Dr. Kizza Besigye was harshly attacked by the bloc on Thursday last week.

While signing the DP bloc at hotel Africana, spear after speaker including Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, Abed Bwanika, Micheal Mabikke among others criticed Besigye who unsuccessfully ran four times against president Museveni.

Speaking to NBS morning breeze, the Social Democratic Party boss Micheal Mabikke stated that Besigye has excluded them in recently formed People Government.

“We have not written off Besigye, he is a man of steel character and has made a significant contribution but there is a time for everything. Our message to Col. Besigye is the same message to President Museveni. The People’s Government excludes key players in the opposition like Bobiwine, Nobert Mao and me (Mabikke),” he noted.

Speaking on the relationship between the Democratic Party and People Power pressure group, Mabikke said the two are same.

“People Power is not a political party, it is an idea that brings together all Ugandans that are yearning for change. Certainly, one is a subset of the other and one is the foundation. There is no difference between People Power and Democratic Party, the two can be used interchangeably.” He urged.

He added; “The Democratic Party union was meant to craft a new vision for Uganda and roll out a program of action that will lead to the energization of the entire opposition. The Democratic Party Bloc is essentially a reunion, regrouping of the DP fraternity. We are aiming at a full integration of all pressure organizations under one umbrella.”

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