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DP bloc to Besigye: Go and hang

by James Ateenyi

The Democratic Party (DP) bloc has stated that they won’t apolologise to Forum for Democratic Change former president Dr Kizza Besigye.

This comes days after FDC Deputy Spokesman, John Kikonyogo, asked the leaders of recently formed political bloc to apologize to four time time Presidential candidate for unfairly attacking him during the recent DP function at hotel Africana in Kampala.

Last week, members of the DP Bloc, a coalition of the Democratic Party led by former Gulu district LC V, Mr Norbert Mao, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), led by Dr Abed Bwanika and Mike Mabike of Social Democratic Party (SDP), signed a pact that binds them ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Also in attendance was Besigye successor, General Mugisha Muntu, Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine who heads the People Power Movement and JEEMA president Asuman Basalirwa.

Addressing a press conference at Floral Gardens in Wakiso district on Tuesday, Norbert Mao, the Democratic Party President, said that the DP bloc will not offer an apology to any person.

Mao also denied throwing insults during the signing of the pact. He said that he has better things to do other than to respond to those attacking him on social media.

“What Hon Kyagulanyi said was the truth and it is up to Besigye to check himself,” Mao who is also former Gulu university member of parliament said.

Mao said that DP bloc is the only political bloc with a viable plan to liberate Uganda.

He stressed that, the oldest Party in Uganda has plans to hold discussions with other political parties including FDC for possible coalition.

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