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DP accused FDC for working with president Museveni

by Odongo Christopher

DP president Norbert Mao

The opposition Democratic Party has attacked fellow opposition party the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) for not involving other political parties within the opposition before making opposition shadow cabinet reshuffle.

In a statement issued by the party Secretary General Gerald Siranda, DP said Mugisha Muntu leadership always consulted and involved other political parties before making such crucial changes.

He asked Patrick Amoriat Oboi to emulate Mugisha Muntu working method so as to maintain good relationship with other political parties.

Siranda blamed FDC for refusing advices and views of other opposition political parties by acting in selfish ways emphasizing that opposition cabinet represents views of all opposition political parties in parliament and not just views of FDC.

He added that FDC is sidelining other political parties accusing them of serving interest of president Museveni because he is the only beneficiary of their selfishness.

His statement comes at the time when different stake holders have come out to criticize the manner in which FDC carried out the recent reshuffle.

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Other party members threatened to break away from the party to form their own political parties urging that FDC has been hijacked by selfish individuals working for their own personal gains other than focusing on the core objective of removing president Museveni from office.

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