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Why South Sudan peace deal is more than a disaster in waiting

by James Ateenyi

The recently signed peace accords between the warring factions of South Sudan has raised more questions than answers with observers wondering if the peace deal will provide the lasting solutions to the people of South Sudan who have been subjected to many years of civil war.
Here are some of the interesting factors to look at in recently concluded peace deal;

The South Sudan peace deal signed on Sunday in Khartoum stipulates that the country will have a record (never had of anything like that before) 5 Vice presidents including Riek Machar.
Each vice president will have specific role to play. This is likely to create confusion and misunderstanding between different factions who will be coming together to form unity government.

That’s not the news though, the country will also have 550 legislators (MPs) for a country with only 12 million people, compare that to Uganda’s parlimanent that has less than 430 MPs for a population of about 40 Million and yet, the MPs are a burden enough already!
Also, Riek Machar’s party will have 123 of the MPs with Salva Kiir’s group taking 332 slots.
Will the MPs be appointment to ensure the figures are adhered to? Will Machar not post candidates where Kiir has his?! How exactly will the process – voting it otherwise – ensure that the figures are maintained?!
Well those are questions many observers have been asking themselves and it is wait to be seen how the world youngest nation will overcome this.

It is also important to note that Salva Kiir is on record for saying this agreement will hold because it wasn’t (unlike the previous ones) forced on them! This revelation cast more doubts whether lasting peace will return to South Sudan.

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