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Diplomatic tension as Rwanda national kidnapped at bus terminal

by Odongo Christopher

Security officers on Tuesday arrested a Rwandan national in Kampala as the tensions between Uganda and Rwanda escalates.

The man who has been identified as Phillip Rwakibibi was working with Trinity Coach as a loader.

Armed men who identified themselves to the management of bus company arrested him and whisked him away to an undisclosed location.

Eyewitnesses said the men were using a numberless Toyota Rav4 van and they refused to identify themselves by names.

The effort by his workmates to block the kidnappers failed as they threatened to shoot whoever put up the resistance.

Relatives said Rwakibibi was not working on a fateful day as he was attending to his wife who was in labor in the hospital but was called by customers who told him to go and help them offload some goods but on arrival he was met with security operatives who later kidnaped him.

Relatives tried to locate him at various police stations and detention centers within Kampala but no positive result has been yielded.

The Family reported the case to police and police recorded the statements of various people but the investigation into the same have given no clues of his where about.

The incident took place at a time several Rwanda nationals have been arrested and deport for illegal entry in Uganda but Rwakabibi scenario is different.

Previously several Rwanda nationals with Security backgrounds have been arrested and deported during the reign of former IGP Kale Kayihura.

Relatives wondered how Rwakabibi who was just working as a loader with no military training could be subjected to such arrests.

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