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Details of Muntu, Bobi Wine and journalist Senyonyi secret meeting held at Serena hotel

by James Ateenyi

Former president for Forum for Democratic Change party General Mugisha Muntu on Tuesday announced the highly awaited result of country wide consultation.

Muntu told the nation that he would quit opposition opposition FDC party and is expected to form his on political party which he will use to contest on as the presidential candidate come 2021.

Muntu announcement comes days after secret meeting Muntu held with Kyadondo East member of parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine at Serena hotel Kampala.

The Saturday meeting which began few minutes past 11PM was also attended by highly opinionated NTV news anchor Joel Senyony. The trio were later joined by six other people before the meeting kicked off.

General Muntu who chaired the secret meeting did most of talking while Bobi Wine occasionally elaborated on General Muntu point while Joel Senyonyi did more of a consultant’s role throughout the meeting.

The main agenda of the meeting which ended at 2am to do with a potential political merger between Gen Muntu’s FDC faction and hon Bobi Wine’s pressure group called People Power Movement.

Whereas Senyonyi still works at NTV where insiders say his employers are becoming concerned with his visibility in the anti-M7 political activities, Senyonyi has lately not disguised his readiness to politically partner with the Kyaddondo East MP.

Senyonyi was on Thursday dispatched by Bugiri municipality member of parliament to drive to Entebbe International Airport a long side Nubian Li to drive Bobi to Kampala. The decision was made after Eddie Yawe, who initially was to drive Bobi, got arrested on his way to Entebbe.

It was expected police would relent and let Bobi have a procession to Kampala which never happened. Senyonyi was instead arrested along with Nubian Li as they drove into Entebbe town. Earlier on Senyonyi had joined Mr. Wine to stage a demonstration against the introduction of OTT tax on the streets of Kampala.

The meeting finally led to Tuesday announcement in which Muntu told the nation that he would quit the opposition political party the Forum for Democratic Change which he led for five years as president of the party.

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