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Deportation of Rwanda nationals from Uganda sparked protests

by James Ateenyi

A lawyer had protested against deportation of two Rwanda nationals from Uganda without following the due process required by law and in contravention of court orders.

City lawyer Eron Kiiza accused Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) operatives for illegally deporting Chris Karemera and Emmanuel Rurangwa in August this year.

Lawyer Eron Kiiza said Mr Karemera and Rurangwa, who are currently undergoing rehabilitation in Rwanda, were in July arrested and detained without trial in ungazetted places like Makenke Military Barracks in Mbarara District and Mbuya Military Barracks in Kampala.

“We are concerned that these people are ordinary businessmen arrested and detained beyond the 48 hour allowed by the law and in violation of mandatory release orders by court and their property and money is stolen,” said Mr Kiiza.

Speaking to media in Kampala Mr Kiiza said the illegal deportation of Rwanda nationals stated last year in August warning that two other Rwandan nationals; Emmanuel Rwamucyo and Augustine Rutayisire are facing trump up charges before Military Courts and remanded to prison on allegations of illegal possession firearms.

“These injustices are wide spread and reflect unformatted pattern of how some Rwandans in Uganda are being harassed by sections and individuals in the military over issues that the ordinary suspects know nothing about,” he said.

He added that the Rwanda nationals are always tortured and denied access to their lawyers and family members.

“We appeal to the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), the director of CMI to ensure that their officers refrain from torturing people and respect their fundamental human rights and court orders for their release or production in court are respected,” he continued.

He also said that there are several other Rwandan nationals on remand which includes Claude Iyakeremye, a boda boda rider who is facing charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and Rene Rutagungira who is on remand over Kidnap charges.

Mr Rutagungira is charged a long side eight other people which includes police officers and are being tried in connection with kidnapping former bodyguard to Rwandan president, Paul Kagame in 2013 who was dubiously extradited back home during former Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura reign and sentenced to life imprisonment.

“We are troubled that the officers at Makindye Military Barracks keep disregarding production warrants of High Court regarding Rutagungira.

This stops him from attending his High Court trial in which he is suing his tormentors for torture they visited on him,” Mr Kiiza said.

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