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Court orders for deportation of Rwanda nationals

by James Ateenyi

Court has directed the police to deport 4 Rwanda nationals after being found guilty of illegal entry into the country.
The ruling was made by Kagadi Grade One magistrate Simon Toloko  after the suspects pleaded guilty to charges against them.

The 4 Rwanda Nationals  namely  Christopher Ngarukiyintware, Elizabeth Hatashimana, Sibobugingo Amiyeri, Focus Ntakyobitwaya, Ivarise Nayiture, Topheli Ufutimaana, Fativa Njawendorohondi, and Tohofire Nijirimaana were arrested by police at Kagadi Bus Park in Kagadi district  after disembarking from bus without any travel documents.

The 4 told court that, they had come to visit their relatives who are living in Uganda. Police in the district said there have been increase of illegal immigrants into the country forcing the law enforcers to start verification processes at the bus terminal to cross chek  the documents of all passengers aboard buses plying international routes.
This is not the first time Rwandan nationals have been arrested and deported from Uganda.

Three weeks ago  police in Kigezi region arrested  and deported  72 Rwandan nationals who were travelling in 2 buses without any travel documents.

Rwanda Authority recently accused their Ugandan counterparts of harassing their citizens a claims denied by Kampala.
Many Ugandans have been blaming the government for not doing enough to secure the border allowing foreigners to enter the country illegally. The government on the other hand blame the immigration official whom they accuse of being corrupt.
The relationship between the 2 countries have been detoriating recently.
Uganda  president Yoweri Museveni  early this year snubbed African Union summit in Kigali.

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