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Clergies fight over food, one sustains injuries on buttocks

by Odongo Christopher

Fr Lazarus Ejoyi has dragged the Arua Diocese Vicar General Monsignor Kasto Adeti to police accusing him of breaking his hand and causing injuries on his buttocks.

Fr. Lazarus Ejoyi, the former Kijomoro Parish priest in Arua district said he was talking with his brother on phone when Monsignor Adeti assaulted him over the weekend in the Parish priest’s residence at Ediofe Cathedral.

According to URN news website, Fr. Ejoyi, who was removed by Bishop Ocan Odoki from Kijomoro Parish in 2017 and never been deployed says Monsignor Adeti assaulted him on grounds that he isn’t supposed to be at the diocese.

He said Monsignor Adeti hit him in the presence of the watchmen and cooks who couldn’t come to his rescue for fear of losing their jobs.

Fr. Ejoyi further revealed that following Monsignor Adeti’s unsuccessful attempts to evict him, he resorted to denying him access to food in the Priest’s dining and he has been surviving on fruits he buys with the little money he gets from part time lecturing at Nile University and donation from friends.

Fr. Ejoyi has since filed a case of assault against Monsignor Adeti at Arua Central Police Station vide CRB ARCPS/SD Ref: 35/29/04/2020. He says this is the fifth time Monsignor Kasto Adeti is attacking him since mid-last year for allegedly declining to vacate the priest’s residence as directed by the Bishop.

In November last year, Monsignor Adeti locked Fr. Ejoyi’s room to stop him from accessing it but it was opened by officers from Arua central police station. Police cautioned Monsignor Adeti from trespassing on Fr. Ejoyi’s room saying he is entitled to stay at the parish or any other place they deem fit for him.

In his statement, Monsignor Adeti said Fr. Ejoyi was not appointed to work or stay at Ediofe Cathedral Parish Priest’s residence and should find another residence.

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