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Chaos as Bobi Wine drags Tycoon Ham to court over 2021 election

by James Ateenyi

City businessman Hamis Kiggundu commonly known as Ham has been accused of allegedly evicting a tenant from his building over claims that he (tenant) is a supporter of People Power, a group led by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi wine).

Ironically, Ham vehemently closed Faiz Cafe on level five of Ham Towers; Makerere after its owner, a one Faizal Kisiki had visited Robert Kyagulanyi and took photos with him.

Notably, Kisiki through his lawyers of Muwada and Company advocates confirm that he wasn’t in debt in anyway and therefore forcefully closing his enterprise should be treated as misdirected and elusive. According to Kasiki’s statement, he says that in the process of forcefully closing his enterprise, he lost huge sums of money.

Furthermore, it is said that Kisiki reportedly wants to contest for the Mawogola South seat come 2021.

“Our [client] has through our offices already notified yours vide MWD/HAM-AL/009/12/19 that yours [Ham kiggundu] returns money in their possession stolen from ours, plus surrendering in our presence all his remaining assets if not already as well tempered with by yours.”

“We find your call that ours contact yours over the same as idle,” the lawyer’s notice reads in part.

It should be recalled that Hamis Kiggundu is a close friend of Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko whose supporters have lately been at war with those of Bobi Wine whose brother Fred Nyanzi badly wants Nsereko’s MP Seat come 2021.

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