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Chameleone speaks out on his secret links with Museveni

by James Ateenyi

East Africa heavy weight Dr Jose Chameleone has broken silence on rumours that is going rounds on social media linking him to ruling National Resistance Movement.

The Badilisha singer who made it public that he would join politics in 2021 says he is in politics to disrupt forces of change.

Here is the self proclaimed music doctor’s response on allegations of spying for Museveni.

I hear too much propaganda and false information that I joined politics to fight my brother Bobi Wine and People Power.

How can I fight someone who has inspired me to join politics? I have so much respect for Bobi Wine…

Yes I have worked with NRM and I have a lot of friends in NRM but my heart does not belong to NRM party, I grew up in a family that supports DP…

Politics is not about creating enemies, you might be friends with someone or work with someone but having different ideologies…

I didn’t join politics to fight Bobi Wine or People Power, a lot of people have been sent to fight People Power and Bobi Wine but they have failed to pull him down, now who am I to fight Bobi Wine?

Which supernatural power do I have to fight something God has brought?…Bobi Wine has been my brother for so long. We had battles in music but that was long time ago, we are now mature people, fighting each other is now meaningless it can’t take our country forward.

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