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Chameleone explains why he is labelled as spy in oppositions

by Odongo Christopher

Singer turned politician Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Chameleone has dismissed claims that he is fighting Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine by shadowing him out of politics.

Chameleone said that there are a group of people spreading lies about him with hidden motive of separating him with his long-time friend Robert Kyagulanyi.

“Propaganda started rising up that Chameleone is against Bobi Wine, that he is trying to outshine Bobi Wine. I know Bobi Wine more than most of you from the family level. I know him as a young man. I know him as a fighter. I know him as a brave man. There is much more that I know about him than you people know,” he said.

Chameleone made the remarks while addressing the media after DP weekly presser briefing on Tuesday.

He noted that when the propaganda started spreading accusing him of being a spy, mole what he did was to naturalize and defuse all the lies, that is when he started meeting Bobi Wine at night.

“I took myself Bobi Wine for anything but I visited him. I visited him between 8 and 9 pm at night. If I am against him he would never open the door for me at that time of the night. If I was against him his wife would not welcome me. Stop dividing us,” he said.

He urged the members of the public to stop spreading false information about him regarding his relationship with Bobi Wine.

“Please stop dividing me from my people, please stop dividing me from my people. If we are fighting for revolution. Don’t tell me that revolution has closed me out. I am also a Ugandan,” he noted.

Chameleone noted that he has so much to offer in the struggle of liberating the country so he should not be left out based on lies and false information.

He called upon people to support him so that the long-awaited dreams can be achieved as a united force.

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