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Cabinet reached final decision on second lockdown

by Odongo Christopher
Museveni and minister Aceng

Cabinet meeting which was chaired by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Monday at Entebbe State House turned down Ministry of Health’s request to have a second and tighter lockdown in a bid to control the spread of covid-19 community transmission.

Sources from within said that Ministry of health officials had suggested to President Museveni to announce another lockdown since most Ugandans have failed to adhere to the health guidelines which may lead to a serious Covid-19 outbreak that a country may not be able to control.

In their suggestion, officials had said that in the second lockdown no unnecessary movements should be allowed, putting back all bans that were lifted a few weeks ago and people to stay at their homes.

However, many cabinet ministers declined to the suggestions and asked the health ministry to first wait until the supply of free masks is done and see how to handle people without masks forcibly.

Cabinet gave one week to the ministry of health to come out with clear solutions other than a second lockdown to see a way forward.

On the issue of opening learning institutions especially for the finalists from the lower level to universities, the Ministry of Education had asked the government to procure temperature machines in all institutions of learning before taking another step.

However, ministers especially those from Finance said that money to purchase temperature guns that would be used on teachers, students and parents right from primary is not available. The cabinet still asked the responsible ministry to go and make another strategy.

Cabinet also said that the issue of distributing television sets on every village as it was suggested by President Museveni could also become another way of spreading Covid-19 since students will be in gatherings. They also asked both ministries of Health and of education to come up with a clear strategy.

Cabinet also suggested that radios will be given to district headquarters then local leaders will supply them in villages like how masks are being distributed.

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