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Bugiri poll was a litmus test for opposition unity – FDC

by Odongo Christopher

FDC Party President Oboi

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party  has released statement congratulating JEEMA Asuman Basalirwa for winning Bugiri hotly contested election. Through party president Patrick Amoriat Oboi, FDC also stated that they will continue with wider agenda of removing president Yoweri Museveni from power.

Below is full FDC  statement

Fellow citizens, it has been a long and difficult two months of political activity which resulted in the choice of leaders for respective Bugiri Municipality positions.
I take this opportunity on behalf of the FDC to congratulate the MP elect, my colleague leader of JEEMA, Asuman Basalirwa for a hard fought victory. I also wish to congratulate the FDC mayoral flag bearer Mr. Luba Bumali for winning in the same electoral area and to thank the people of Bugiri for making him their choice for Mayor. Our two Municipality councillor who won seats have underlined the strong existence of the FDC in Bugiri Municipality.
I appreciate our MP flag bearer Ms. Eunice Namatende for being a worthwhile candidate, running a peaceful campaign and making us proud as a party especially in upholding our policy of promoting non discrimination against the female gender. Although we clearly know the dynamics that played out in Bugiri resulting in our loss, we have no hard feelings towards anyone. These dynamics will be a discussion for another day. Take heart, there could only have been one winner and all is not lost.
To the wider opposition, my observation is that Bugiri is a litmus test of our ability to go our different ways as political parties in the opposition and still achieve our objectives of subduing the dictatorship. It can also enhance political growth of individual political parties. Although it would have been preferable to field a joint candidate, competing against ourselves can still be healthy depending on how we manage the post election period.
Despite the Bugiri outcome and coming back to back with the Constitutional Court ruling on age limit, we in the FDC are back on our feet and will stay focused on our core objective of freeing our country from the yoke of the dictatorship.
Thank you
One Uganda, One People

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