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Boda Boda killer made shocking revelation on city murder

by Odongo Christopher

Police detectives yesterday moved Mugisha John Bosco, a suspect who was caught on camera killing a boda-boda rider a fortnight ago to various areas in an attempt to recreate scenes and also get to know how his gang operates.

Under tight security, Mugisha was first taken to Makindye Kizungu Zone near Makindye Country Club where he said to have committed a series of crimes. After he was moved to Madilisa zone still in Makindye a place where it’s alleged that his colleague Young Mulo who also appeared in the CCTV footage was murdered.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango said Mugisha has already informed police about some of his gang members besides Young Mulo.

Onyango continued to reveal that Mugisha told them poverty lured him into plotting robberies.

“He told us that every time he was released from prison, he had nowhere to start from,” Onyango said.

Mugisha is still being detained at Katwe Police station. He was arrested earlier this week at Nsiike, Ndeeba, Rubaga Division by police detectives who were tracking him since he appeared in the CCTV footage strangling a cyclist, Derrick Mulindwa on June 30.

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