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Bobi Wine will defeat Museveni in 2021 on one condition says NRM boss

by Odongo Christopher

Top Ruling National Resistance Movement leader now says that People Power Movement still stands a chance of winning the presidency in the 2021 general elections.

Speaking to this website on condition of anonymity, the NRM boss who is also a member of highest decision making orgsn, the Central Executive Committee said that Bobi Wine will have to ensure that he retains his support across the country, if he is to finally realize his presidential dream.

He stated that with the support of half of the nation that the Kyadondo East legislator has enjoyed since joining polits, it will be easier to win the race, if he can proceed to clinch just a handful of votes from Karamoja and Eastern Uganda.

The leader noted that the two region is very likely to further disintegrate in the near future, thanks to the current infighting among the NRM leaders, which can hand Bobi Wine some votes.

“There will be some division in Central. But Bobi Wine win will depend on whether he will still have his half of the nation.”

The NRM boss who is one of the bush war hero remarks come only a few days after several of NRM youth defected to People Power.

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