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Government asks Bobi Wine to abandon sanctions call

by James Ateenyi

Hon Henry Okello Oryem, the state minister for Foreign Affairs has blasted Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssemtamu popularly known as Bobi Wine and his foreign lawyer Robert Amsterdam for asking foreign country to impose sanctions on Uganda.

Speaking to a local radio station on Friday, Hon Oryem said the sanctions will only affect ordinary citizens.

He warned politicians against sacrificing the country for their selfish interests urging that everyone will suffer if the sanctions came in place.

The minister statement comes a day after Bobi Wine and his foreign lawyer Robert Amsterdam held press conference in Washington DC on Thursday stating that they would engage international communities to impose sanctions on Uganda.

“We want the US government to immediately suspend military funding to the Ugandan government and launch an investigation into how the military equipment supplied to the
Ugandan army is being used in the war of terror in torture against Ugandan citizens”.
He also said top officials involved in torture would be personally targeted in form of “travel bans” and cutting their “ability to hold assets”. Robert Amsterdam said at press conference.

Amsterdam threatened to meet with US congress men to lobby them to suspend funding to Uganda.

“We want the American taxpayer to know what they are paying for,” Mr Amsterdam added before dismissing claims that there’s a foreign agent behind the musician-turned Member of Parliament.
“The Museveni regime is taking a page from Mr Putin’s rulebook; they torture you, poison you and after say it is false news! We are not going to play that game,” Amsterdam added.

Minster further said such allegations put Uganda in bad light and would directly affect local population in the country terming it unpatriotic.

He warned Bobi Wine against tarnishingthe image of Uganda in foreign countries.

However, Mr Amsterdam on Thursday said the impunity should not be allowed to prevail.

“When a state behaves with this level of impunity and violence, there are few statements or resolutions that will stop them from the murder of an innocent opponent like Bobi Wine. That’s why we need to hit these officials in their wallets with a Magnitsky-style sanctions schedule as they need to understand the consequences of this attack on human rights,” Amsterdam wrote.

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