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Bobi Wine wants pro Museveni senior RDC arrested

by James Ateenyi

Bobi Wine, the architecture of People Power group wants Lilian Eyal, the Amolatar Resident District Commissioner arrested.

The RDC’s bodyguard on Wednesday reportedly shot Moses Okot Junior, a Gulu-based lawyer who had also shown interest in contesting for Kyoga constituency MP seat in the 2021 elections. He is also known for promoting People Power pressure group in Amolatar District.

Now Bobi Wine has requested People Power legal team to handle the case. “ I have requested our legal team to ensure that the ends of justice are met in this matter. While we condemn the officer who carried out this heinous crime, we shall demand that the RDC on whose orders he acted is also apprehended, questioned and punished.”- he posted on his social media page.

Bobi Wine asserts that it was on the RDC’s orders that Okot was shot. Police, however, believe the suspect was not acting on orders saying the RDC is the person who ordered for the arrest of her bodyguard. Eyal is yet to make a comment on the case.

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