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Bobi Wine told to carry his own cross warned of further consequences

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni strong supporter Duncan Abigaba has told Kyadondo East lawmaker Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentmu alias Bobi Wine to be held responsible for his current situation.

He said Bobi Wine should do himself favour and stop tarnishing the image of Uganda abroad.

Duncan reminded Bobi Wine that on the fateful day when he was allegedly tortured in Arua, Bobi Wine committed two serious offences triable in the courts of Uganda according to the constitution of Uganda.

“Firstly, Bobi Wine led the supporters of Hon. Kassiano Wadri, who was a candidate in Arua by-election to attack a political rally of the candidate for Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). This offence is triable under the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Act.” Abigaba stated

He accused Bobi Wine of commanding the group that attacked the president in Arua.

“On the same evening, Mr. Wine led a group that attacked a Presidential convoy while President Museveni was leaving rally after his political work. This offence is treasonous under the Penal Code Act.” Abigaba added.

While commenting on the torture of Kyadondo East member of parliament, Abigaba reasons there is need to ask Mr. Bobi Wine, why his associates who were arrested in Arua were not beaten at their arrest.

“His colleagues; Hon. Gerald Karuhanga, Hon. Paul Mwiru and Hon. Mike Mabikke didn’t sustain any injuries. Why did he resist and fight the arresting officers? He is talking about freedom. What freedom does mean exactly? He is an elected member of parliament. He has a platform to air his views. He has media freedom. He has freedom to insult leaders and Government through his music without any censorship. He has freedom to move, the reason he can travel from his constituency on the outskirts of Kampala to Arua, 500 Km North West of Kampala to do political work. What freedom does talk about?” He wondered.

Abigaba told Bobi Wine to concentrate on music if he feels he can not managed the political situation in Uganda warning that lawless will not be tolerated.

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