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Bobi Wine silences critics after making another revelations

by James Ateenyi

Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi has come out to silence critics of his frequent foreign trips.

Recently, several people had through various platforms complained that, the people power boss was spending a lot of time abroad other than building grass root structures.

Bobi Wine was recently in Dubai and South Africa for music concerts before flying to Germany shortly after coming back to the country.

Responding to critics, Bobi Wine on Sunday evening took to social media and had this to say;

Earlier today, I presided over a football match involving an Afro-German football club. I expressed gratitude to the club leadership for engaging and uplifting the talent of African youth who come here looking for opportunities. I also met with and had a chat with Ugandans living here. Their resolve to change things back home is so great.

I was also privileged to spend some time at the Berlin wall, which was brought down by the power of the people when they spoke with one voice. The Berlin wall was indeed physical, but seeing it today caused me to reflect on the economic, social and political walls that exist in our country, separating those who have and those who don’t have; and indeed those few who are in power and the vast majority of the poor common people who have been dis-empowered. Seeing that the common people here spoke with one voice until the Berlin wall fell is testament that we can and we shall bring down those walls which oppress us.

Tomorrow, I will be speaking at a Strategy Conference organised by IFEX, bringing together leaders and activists for democracy and the freedom of expression from the world. Catch us live, let’s have a conversation and let’s build synergies with our comrades from the world.

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