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Bobi Wine presidency prophesied by senior Prophet

by James Ateenyi

It is now not a secret anymore. The Prophet of God, Elvis Mbonye has spoken through his son a one Wisdom K Peter. Peter notes that God will not allow darkness to be replaced by darkness in Uganda, at least not under the watch from the Prophet.

Bobi Wine
Here’s the full message from the Prophet’s son concerning Bobi Wine:


We have always said it plainly that no one will become president of Uganda after Museveni without reporting to Zoe Grounds before Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

When we talk like that, some people imagine we are thinking so much of ourselves. While others think we’re blowing ourselves out of proportion.

But you see we won’t abscond from our sacred and undelegatable duty of proclaiming the mind of God concerning this nation. A fool has said in his heart that there is no God. Now this fool could be called an atheist. However there are different levels of atheism.

If a right thinking believer can see the works God has wrought in Prophet Elvis Mbonye concerning the Hollywood oscars and the presidents he has prophesied in and out of power all over the world and remain indifferent, or treat his words with utter disdain, then that believer is operating a certain level of atheism and therefore foolishness.

I’m even told there is a downtown artist who thinks he can lead this nation. Even though we’re tired of the current one, this would be a situation of out of the frying pan into the fire. He has meanwhile won himself a huge following that includes people who should know better. Meeehn!!! Darkness ain’t a joke!!! Anyhow, compared to the the things we deal with, that guy does not need a prophecy. Because we know his end, We have chosen to let him wallow in delusions of grandeur for a season. It was disheartening though to see a super career journalist forsaking the path of life to pursue doom.

You see, because of this Prophet, the winds of change are blowing vehemently over this land. And so, men are increasingly tapping into their reverberations. This is why anyone other than the current one who seems to command a huge following will easily appeal to the people. Now you know why highly educated people are also lining up behind a downtown artist. At the same time, because the devil is unable to contend with these winds of change, he is so keen on replacing the current darkness with darker darkness. But just because a man promises to deliver men from the current darkness does not make him God’s choice.

Do you know of any prophet from bible days with a comparable record of fulfilled future national and international prophecies all happening in his time on earth? How come we can get so indifferent? How come men don’t fear?

In 2016, while nearly the whole world stood behind Clinton, this prophet declared that a certain man would trump a certain lady. Not even votes could stand in the way of his word!!!!

So where is your confidence? Is it in juju or votes or media or guns? The potency of this prophet’s words transcends all these.

While many think we’re threatening, the time is nigh that these claims will cease to be a debate but rather a reality in the face of this nation. Could it be that we’re taking our time because we’re preparing the next president? Think broadly please.

If this Prophet appointed Trump over a nation Uganda looks up to, then Uganda must be chick marsh to him. Put in another way, it’s needless to ask a man who eats glass if he is able to eat gourds.”

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