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Bobi Wine penned articulate letter to Museveni, left NRM divided

by James Ateenyi

Kyadondo East member penned an open letter to regime during the period he incarcerated at his home.

In the letter, the musician made it clear that president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni regime is no longer wanted and should be forced out before the next general election. Here is how the letter reads;

Our message is simple; Museveni must not appear on the ballot papers in 2021 elections.

As we said earlier, we are not going to specify the date and place where the protests will be held but expect it soon.

And to the police who have turned against the citizens to protect the few, learn this, those people you are protecting have millions and millions of dollars hidden somewhere outside Uganda and when things go wrong they’ll flee and leave you alone. You guys are poor and can barely afford 2 meals a day. What you should put in the back of your mind is we do not care whether you are just following orders or not but you will be held accountable for everything that you are doing because you have abandoned your duty of protecting the citizens.

Because the regime is scared of people they make sure that they disperse peaceful people they can’t handle, they fear people power, they fear people being united because they are miserably powerless.

The reason as to why they do not allow Bobi Wine to hold concerts is not because of the anti-Museveni songs but they fear that Bobi will have an army of 50’000+ people together in one place, enough to chase the dictator away by just commanding.

The regime doesn’t want us together, united and it’s uncomfortably surviving in that tiny space dividing us.

And because they have banned our shows just because they do not want to see us together, there has been change in tactics, we will use their shows. If they hold their show, buy their tickets en masse and use their shows to bring us together. Let them ban all shows all together.

Remember, protests have been planned in undisclosed place on undisclosed date and when you see anything, don’t ask, just join. This time no going back.

Please share this message as many times as you can if you really want change. It begins with you.

We want this message to reach a million people and let them know that saa imefika.

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