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Bobi Wine, Muntu and Mao formally invited to join FDC

by James Ateenyi

We have had a busy and successful week of ACTION19. It is so far promising and we have a determined population on our side. We also have strong examples of non-violent overthrows of dictators across Africa, to learn from.

To our Activists and compatriots in Kaliro, Isiaka- Bushenyi, Rubanda, Mbarara, Tororo and Jinja I say to you Viva and keep the fire burning.

To those who got injured or got arrested and incarcerated, I share your pain with you and we pray and will do everything possible for your speedy release and healing.

This week promises yet another to be another week of engagement and the police are informed about our program. I am sure this will not be allowed by them, but we’ll all the same be unbothered because we know we are Ugandans with inalienable rights granted to us by our constitution. We will have a break for Easter and will be back in ACTION, this time in the North.

I advise those who believe that elections alone will get the dictatorship out of Uganda not to wait for what is inevitable, the dictator using the election to win international acceptance and legitimacy.

We are better off not having the dictator on the ballot paper than having him meddle in it as he has always done, with previous elections. My strong feeling based on what appears the resolve of the population, is that we can cause change in our country before 2021, using defiance.

I asked you fellow comrades in the struggle, regardless of your persuasion; DP, DP Bloc, UPC, moderate NRM, People Power, ANT, Independent etc that we hit the road running. Even if you believe in elections, nothing should stop you joining the non violent struggle, avoid walking on the same spot. Let us put on our boots and gloves and hit the road.

Written by Patrick Amoriat Oboi

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