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Bobi Wine is a lair and time waster says Museveni senior minister

by James Ateenyi

State minister for Local Government Jennifer Namuyangu said youths should not be over excited about the emergence of ‘People Power’, warning that its purported leader the Kyadondo East member of parliament Mr Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine does not have what it takes to defeat president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

He called Bobi Wine supporters as time wasters adding that Dr Besigye was much stronger than Bobi Wine and was defeated by the ruling government.

“I hear you shouting People Power but you are wasting time. If we (the NRM) defeated Besigye who was much stronger, what about Bobi Wine? He cannot defeat Museveni,” she declared.

While presiding over thanksgiving ceremony of newly sworn-in LC1 and LC11 chairmen at Nakitwalo Village, Kigandalo Sub-county in Mayuge District organized by the area Member of Parliament, James Kyewalabye Majegere, the minister told the youth to get what to do than wasting time on Bobi Wine.

Ms Namuyangu’s remarks were triggered by a group of youths who kept interrupting her speech by chanting: “People Power! Bobi Wine!” as she made her way to the podium.

Area member of parliament hon Majegere urged the Local Council Chairpersons to work for unity in the constituency and avoid politics based on patronage and urged residents to continue supporting him so that he is retained in Parliament after the 2021 elections.

“You (LCs) are supposed to handle cases like trespass on land, settling divorce and debts of not more than Shs2m among others, but not capital offences like defilement and murder,” she said.

He warned the LC chairpersons who elevates them selves to the level of judges and start solving cases which are above their mandates

“Some of you involve yourselves in settling such (capital) offences which the law prohibits you from doing. You, therefore, have to work within your jurisdiction for the stability of your area.’’ Majegere added.

Ms Namuyangu expressed fear that if LC Chairpersons continue handling capital offences which they are less knowledgeable about, it will fuel instability in their villages arising from unfair judgements passed based on their informal skills

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