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Bobi Wine, his supporters living in great fears as Bajjo pleads guilty

by James Ateenyi

Bajjo Events boss and promoter of Bobi Wine’s music concerts, Andrew Mukasa, will spend a week in Luzira Prison after efforts to interpret charges to him, ended up confusing him and admitting to the offence of Offensive Communication.

The twist of events took his lawyer Erias Lukwago and the fully packed court by surprise, as no one expected Bajjo to admit to a criminal offence.

Efforts by Lukwago and murmurs from the court room to try and advise Bajjo to retract his plea of guilty did not help since presiding Buganda road court magistrate Stella Amabilis had already recorded a plea of guilty against the accused person.

The Magistrate adjourned the matter to Tuesday 25 next week, to get a fluent Luganda interpreter since Lukwago and the Magistrate were not on the same page as regards Bajjo’s disputed plea to the charges before court.

Bajjo is accused of inciting violence and offensive communication he allegedly committed this month in various districts of Masaka, Mbarara, Ibanda and Kampala.

It’s alleged that Bajjo using his mobile phone recorded a video and posted it on social media alleging that he was to overthrow the government of Uganda before 2021.

Prosecution said the video not only contained inciting messages but also had no purpose of legitimate communication; rather he did it willfully and repeatedly with an intention to disturb the peace and privacy of the person of the President.

The guilty plea has however, caused discomfort in people power camp with sections of supporters referring it a plot by regime to use Bajjo as a key witness against Bobi Wine treason case.

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