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Bobi Wine funs warned agains arrogance towards other leaders

by James Ateenyi

“Let’s come and reason together” Hon Maos most intellectual stance on a better Uganda and how to eliminate Museveni.

THIS met attacks from Wine funs who thinks Bobi emarged from heaven. As a saviour. Abusing Mao, Besigye, Muntu and other Party leaders that they are obsolete.

Actually, NRM propagandists are helping them to escalate this attacks because they know Bobi combined with opposition structures will throw them off shore of political abyse.

Most of those attacking Hon Mao are arrogant westerners, a few Baganda radicals . Mostly not from the North who do not know we love those they are ridiculing are a team.

Those in the North attacking are devote NRM PROPAGANDISTS, WHY? most supporting Hon Mao are those from the North. Am not playing tribal card but it works. I see social media is flooded by Baganda lyrics and languages praising Bobi and attacking NRM and old opposition saying its Bobi alone to liberate Uganda.

Its infatuation. The day day Bobi tries it alone and fails to listen but heed to childlike arrogance and excitement, he may loss the basic king making accument he has developed . His popularity does not mean he is the best leader or orator in Uganda.

Where we are now, we need to know that we are prejudiced that no Muganda can be President, that with some arrogant ones, we won’t say nothing in kamapala, that if Acholi or Northerner comes, Amin will come back, so its only one person to lead , just one man enjoying that stupid arrogance and mythe.

Who knows if its not him trying to use unsuspecting youth to potray Bobi wine as invinsible? Alone, hell no!

Like Mao quoted Tzu. We need both tactics and great strategies before those noise before defeat and we come back to lick our wounds like defeated dogs.

Martin Luther king Jr taught us that, ” unless we unite together as brothers, we will die together as fools! 32 years of one man, Mao learnt many things as one of the fathers of opposition when Bobi was enjoying the world, the Besigyes were eating and getting wealth and land in government. For idiots, sorry for that pun, who attack MAO as mole, are delusioned…

To beat M7, is not the only thing, the guy is now just squoting, the older opposition made him weak, he needs to taljed self out of power or be humiliated, but that Bobi manai makes him smile again. We mus now plan options are how better can Uganda be post MUSEVENI, or we have another no structure and arrogant team.

Scholar based in USA.

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