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American NGO owner associated with Bobi Wine arrested

by James Ateenyi

There were allegations recently which Kyadondo East member of parliament Bobi Wine’s former Public Relations specialist,Anne Whitehead never took lightly.

The allegations involves Jackie Wolfson’s recent charity music show where Bobi Wine and Chaka Chaka were lined some of guest performers.

After being implicated in the allegations, she decided to leave the Uganda for her her home country.

It now appears the leaving of the country saved her from the Ugandan jail term since all others who were implicated in the same allegations were later arrested by security operatives.

According to Bobi Wine’s lawyer Nicholas Opiyo, Jackie Wolfson an owner of the Non Governmental organisations that organized the concert where Bobi Wine and Chaka Chaka were the key performers was arrested Saturday.

Opio however, is not sure if they were arrested by police but he believes state Security operatives carried out the arrest since several Bobi Wine’s associates have been arrested in similar fashion in recent weeks.

The recent government reports accused the Wolfson and Whitehead of being the middle link between the Western countries and Honerable Bobi Wine.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni believes the foreign countries are using the vocal legislator to topple his government.

Intelligence reports claimed that Wolfson has been using her ‘Shule Foundation’ NGO as a main forum with the main intention of causing regime change in Uganda.

It’s alleged that Wolfon met Bobi Wine through Whitehead, formerly working with Bobi Wine as his Public Relations.

Her whereabouts remains unknown up to now. It’s believed that following her arrest, she was forced on to a plane back to the United States, her home country.

Shule Foundation is a non profit organisation that funds education for street children in Uganda.

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