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Bobi Wine finally clarify on presidential plan

by Odongo Christopher

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP), Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known by his stage name – Bobi Wine has on Wednesday, August 21, dismissed media reports that he will reinstate the death penalty if elected into the country’s top office.

The popular budding opposition figure who recently confirmed that he will be challenging long-serving President — Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 election said that Daily Monitor’s headline regarding the death penalty is misleading.

“Let me also clarify that the headline regarding the death penalty is misleading. My stance was that I am [in] agreement with several legislators who believe that the death penalty should not be mandatory because that would be abused,” he said in a statement adding that: “In any case, many times people are wrongly accused of offences and convicted!”

He said that in a functioning criminal justice system, the death penalty is applied in very exceptional circumstances when a convict has gone through a fair trial and there is proof beyond any doubt that the person has committed the most heinous crime(s).

The 36-year-old has emerged as a leading critic of 74-year-old Museveni, striking a chord with young Ugandans with his songs about social justice.

Bobi Wine also adds that People Power will soon launch a complete agenda for ‘a new Uganda’.

“We have been consulting citizens at different levels seeking their views about the kind of Uganda they want to see when President Museveni’s dictatorship is gone,” he said.

He also noted that it is always exciting to see ordinary citizens paint a picture of the kind of country they want to see for themselves and their children.

According to Daily Monitor, the singer cum politician plans to reduce presidential powers and number of MPs in Parliament, grant Museveni amnesty and turn him into an advisor, revive cooperative unions among others.
Some of his plans especially

“exonerating Museveni” and trimming of presidential powers have received social media backing.

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