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Bobi Wine betrayed as People Power big fish defects to NRM

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be chairing National Resistance Movement structure zonal meeting in preparation for 2021 general elections sources close the president schedule told this website on condition not be named.

According to NRM insider, the president will use this engagement to explain and justify some of the NRM politically very significant decisions that have been made the August house, NRM Caucus and CEC.

He prefers to undertake this tour ahead of NRM primaries to avoid addressing gatherings of polarized party structures which always becomes the case after party primaries.

The source further told us that, the NRM chairman will use this opportunity to de-campaign and disinterest People Power Movement that has been mobilizing across the country.

“There many opposition leaders and mobilizers especially those currently professing People Power who have already cut secret deals with State House and this will be an opportunity for the president to publicly unveil them as big fish defectors. Some of them are MPs and people in other elected positions but have pretentiously been sheltering under People Power,” the source reveals.

“Museveni hopes that such public pronouncements denouncing People Power will go a long way in demoralizing Bobi Wine and his youthful crowd,” added the NRM insider.

The zonal meetings, that will see the big man reside in the numerous State Lodges scattered across the country, will also be an opportunity for him to be accessed by many more ordinary people and in the process gather significant political intelligence to guide future political planning including formulation of NRM’s 2021-2026 election manifesto.

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