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Blow to Museveni as Uganda is named among world’s most corrupt countries

by James Ateenyi

The latest World Economic Forum corruption index released in 2018 as part of Global Competitiveness Report has named Uganda one of the most corrupt nation on the planet.

Using a methodology linked to Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Index, the WEF ranks 140 countries out of 100 for the level of corruption within their society.

In it rankings, a score of 100 means a country is corruption free, while 0 is the most corrupt possible. Uganda managed to score 26.

Most of the corrupt countries are in Africa, Central America, and the Middle East, in societies with weak legal and governmental systems and widespread poverty.

Africa was represented by Kenya, Guinea, Nigeria, Uganda,, Cameroon, Mozambique, Burundi, Zimbabwe, DRC, Chad and Angola.

Neighbouring Rwanda has maintained being the best ranked nation in East Africa globally ranked 48, Tanzania came second at number 103 globally, Uhuru Kenyatta Kenya polled third and ranked 143 globally while Uganda came in forth at 151,and Burundi is ranked 157 globally. South Sudan and Somalia are the most corrupt countries ranked 179 and 180 globally respectively.

February this year, Berlin -based anti-graft group Transparency International published its global corruption perceptions index covering 180 countries. Uganda has maintained the same position in the international corruption rankings. Last year, the country was at position 151, the same this year, scoring 26 percent.

The latest rankings is likely to scare away several investors who have in the past complained of corruption as the reason it is hard to do business in Uganda.

Full list: the world’s most corrupt nations
T29. Sierra Leone — 30.0
T29. Iran — 30.0
T29. Ukraine — 30.0
T29. The Gambia — 30.0
T22. Russia — 29.0
T22. Paraguay — 29.0
T22. Mexico — 29.0
T22. Laos — 29.0
T22. Kyrgyzstan — 29.0
T22. Dominican Republic — 29.0
T22. Honduras — 29.0

T19. Guatemala — 28.0
T19. Bangladesh — 28.0
T19. Mauritania — 28.0
T19. Lebanon — 28.0
T19. Kenya — 28.0
T17. Guinea — 27.0
T17. Nigeria — 27.0
T14. Uganda — 26.0
T14. Nicaragua — 26.0
T11. Cameroon — 25.0
T11. Mozambique — 25.0
T8. Haiti — 22.0

T8. Burundi — 22.0
T8. Zimbabwe — 22.0
T5. Democratic Republic of Congo — 21.0
T5. Cambodia — 21.0
T5. Tajikistan — 21.0
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4. Chad — 20.0
3. Angola — 19.0
2. Venezuela — 18.0
1. Yemen — 16.0

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