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Blow to Kagame as Rwanda Police chief assassinated

by James Ateenyi

The family of a retired Rwandan Chief Superintendent of Police, Hubert Gashagaza and Rwandan police fraternity is in shock and horror following the brutal murder of the former police officer.

Gashagaza was found brutally murdered on the roadside in Ndera Sector in Gasabo District on Tuesday morning.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) is investigating the circumstances under which he was killed and the motive of the killers.

“His death has something to do with his previous work as a police officer. We don’t think he was a victim of local thugs,” a family member said.

RIB told local media that Gashagaza was killed after suspected murderers broke into his car through one of the windows.

Sources said wires were used to strangle Gashagaza. Some wires suspectedly used in the murder were left in the car, giving the investigation authorities vital clues in their investigation.

Police were informed of the murder by the locals who found the car Abondoned by the roadside and alerted the authorities.

Family members and friends said they were “terrified” following the shocking incident.

Gashagaza among other roles served as the police spokesperson for Rwanda National Police in the Southern Region. He also participated in the peacekeeping mission in Central Africa Republic (CAR) before retiring in August 2016.

“His death has left us wounded and he will forever be remembered for exemplary leadership”, A senior police officer said.

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