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Bitter war erupt between Sudhir and Wavamunno

by Odongo Christopher

Businessman Gordon Wavamunno has not had the best of times in the recent years following the closure of his WBS over tax evasion. He has publicly vented about his frustration, blaming President Yoweri Museveni’s government for marginalising him. During his frustrations, he wondered how tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia had made it in short time, a thing that didn’t go down well with Uganda’s richest tycoon.

While meeting journalists at his commercial farm in Nakwero, Gayaza, over the weekend, Wavamuno recalled property mogul Sudhir’s beginnings in forex trade working with Wavah’s Nile Bank, and how he has had a smooth sailing, which is different from other tycoons that have had their possessions seized for failing to pay up bank loans.

Sudhir who prides himself in having risen from the bottom to the top didn’t take Wavamunno’s comment that could have implied cutting corners lightly and sources reveal he reached out to him via WhatsApp. A copy of the message that Matooke Republic has seen read, “Hello Gordon, you seem to question me and my businesses. Did I ever come and steal from you? Did I ever borrow from and further more do I owe you any money? If you have grudges don’t involve me in them.”

Sudhir has from time to time come out to give people best practices to adopt if they want to run a string of successful businesses like he has done over the years. Just last Friday, Sudhir addressed budding entrepreneurs at Dr. Innocent Nahabwe’s Treating Small Businesses book launch , advising them to be consistent , never give up and keep their word. He turned $25,000 into a billion dollar fortune in slightly over 30 years. At the time he started out, Wavamunno was already a wealthy man.

It should be remembered that Wavamuno has been in a number of tax evasion cases and has lost quite a number of his businesses due to the same, the most prominent one being WBS TV. He laments that Museveni has forgotten him after he helped his government come to power.

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