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New LoP Betty Aol threatens to sack all pro-Muntu MPs from opposition cabinet

by James Ateenyi

The recently appointed Leader of the opposition in Parliament, hon Betty Aol Ocan has revealed that the new shadow cabinet will be announced shortly after the parliament returns from the recess.

Aol revealed this during a live chat where she interacted with the members of public about her first days in office.

She stated that most people who worked with former LoP Winifred Kiiza would not be appointed in the next opposition government.

The inner circle of my predecessor (Winnie Kiiza)might not feel at ease working with me and we must respect that. I think they can serve me better when they are not in the shadow cabinet. When they are close, their conscious might get them guilty of betraying some people,” Aol stated.

She stated that to avoid infringement within the party and reclaiming Besigye victory, the pro Muntu group may not be appointed in the next government.

“I also know that MPs who support the new formation of Mugisha Muntu are more but this will not disrupt the work of Parliament,” she added.

Ocana explained that serving the people is not all about Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Gen Mugisha Muntu or Patrick Amuriat, but it is about the people of Uganda.

On part of agenda she says her office will focus on the Legal Aid Bill among others.

“We are seeking to table a bill which will encompass Legal Aid, our people deserve this.” She aserted.

Aol was appointed as new LoP in August creating more tensions and divisions within the opposition as the pro Muntu camp condemned the decision by Party president Patrick Amoriat Oboi to make the change.

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