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Besigye revealed how he will work with Bobi Wine to defeat Museveni

by James Ateenyi

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has once again proved that he is in his own league.

The four time presidential candidate was on Tuesday appearing NBS morning breeze had this to say when asked why he does not want to leave the struggle;

It’s extremely ridiculous to say I’m the same as Museveni, If I lead protests against Museveni how does that help him? Anybody who says that I work for m7 is completely out of his/her mind.

If they think I enjoy to be teargassed,paper sprayed,beaten and imprisoned severally let them join the game,I have never seen the Bwanika’ s who are mocking me join even a small Demonstration.

They are telling telling me to leave? Any fighter is important in the struggle,even when I’m old and I can’t walk, I can sit in my house and write a message to the fighters to encourage them to fight on,the only time the fighter stops fighting is when he is dead.

Is this a beauty contest to require a new face on the block? We are looking for as many fighters as we can. That is the name of the game. If what they are talking about is leadership of the fighting, I have been very clear. whoever wants to lead the fight should come and lead it. I have never stopped anyone. I am not anxious to be in the teargas. I have never seen Bwanika in the heat of things, who has stopped them?

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