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Besigye, Muntu and Amoriat met after opposition reshuffle

by Odongo Christopher

Beigye speaking at wedding ceremony

Opposition Forum for Democratic change former leaders Dr. Kizza Besigye and General Mugisha Muntu flanked by current party president Patrick Amoriat Oboi met at the same podium for the first time since opposition reshuffle its cabinets.

The FDC leaders met at the wedding reception ceremony of FDC supporter Alex Katabazi and Mercy Wangui at UMA Hall Lugogo.

Besigye who has just come back from his trip in Europe graced the occasion as the chief guest. Katabazi is one of the renown and committed FDC activist from Rukiga district.

The event was more of political ceremony as the leaders of opposition used it discus the recent reshuffle as well as getting some words of wisdom from Reform Agenda senior member Dr. Francis Runumi.

Besigye and Runumi were the founders of the Reform Agenda pressure group which later gave birth to FDC.

Runumi later defected back to National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaving Besigye to carry on his journey of dismantling president Museveni government alone.

Runumi applauded Besigye for being truthful to the struggle and whished him well stating that his commitment in liberation Uganda is unquestionable.

Besigye in reply told Runumi that the struggle is now in its last phase emphasizing the end of Museveni era is near now than before.

Many political commentators applauded the FDC for showing good gesture in a way that two of its formers leaders met at the same podium some thing which is uncommon in most African political parties.

For instance, in Kenya Raila Odinga has been leader of Orange for Democratic Movement (ODM) since its formation twenty years ago up to date. Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe also led MDC party from its formation till he passed on early this year.

FDC on the other hand have changed leadership thrice with Besigye stepping down a year before his official term as party president expired.

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