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Besigye mock police on aimless teargas usage in Lira

by James Ateenyi

Uganda’s security forces had it rough when four time presidential candidate Rtd Col Kizza Besigye visited Lira district in northern Uganda on Friday to grace FDC political function.

Kizza Besigye who has called for a the fall of President Museveni has embarked on a country wide consultation through 2019 year of action with party president Patrick Amuriat and other FDC officials.

Its now a judicial notice Uganda police will always stop political activities of opposition parties namely Democratic Party , Forum for Democratic Change and new emerging people power of Bobi Wine whenever they try to stage political rallies.

However, on Saturday afternoon after a heavy down pour in Lira district forces of Police and UPDF choked on their own teargas fired at dispersing Kizza Besigyes supporters.

The poorly equipped anti -riot police with less than one mask to protect them self from the choking teargas were seen runing battles with supporters of Kizza besigye sneezing, rubbing watery eyes and covering their noses as they choke on teargas.

Kizza Besigye took to twitter to mock police for their action .

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