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Besigye finalises plan to remove president Museveni from power

by Odongo Christopher

The Peoples Government moves a step closer to active political engagements that will set the stage for launch of simultaneous actions that will undermine, strain, and ultimately push President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni out of power.

As a continuation of Tubalemese campaign, The People’s Dr. President Kizza Besigye says the next supportive Campaign dubbed ARTICLE 3 CAMPAIGN imposed a constitutional duty on all Ugandans who want change to stand up and fight for rights to life (security of life and property), and their freedoms.

Article three and Chapter Four of the constitution of Uganda are the basis of the current endeavour. This position is informed by obvious abuse of people’s sovereign authority and abrogation, something that must be stopped now.

Besigye says these violations have a direct negative effect on law and order risking people’s lives, undermine good governance and trigger regional conflicts which could have been avoid.

“There is a huge danger we have attracted upon ourselves from the regional war mongering and adventurism that we have involved in the region. Uganda is praised to be the biggest host of refugees but these refugees are a result of our war mongering, we are the source of these refugees through our actions in DRC over which we were convicted and forced to pay $10bn. All these attract a lot of insecurity on our part”, Besigye said.

Besigye said, currently the regime is flat footed, unable to contain and address these security challenges on one part, and Governance issues on the other.

Besigye says the proposed security plan that hinges on improving technology and increasing personnel on the streets will not resolve security challenges, stressing that increased presence of LDUs has become “source of insecurity.”

The Kizza Besigye delivered the actual message of the national address.

“The purpose of this address is simply to say there’s a central abdication of the purpose of the responsibility of the state as far as the security of persons and their property in this country is concerned. And that abdication goes at the heart of the abdication of responsibility taken by oath to defend the constitution “, Besigye said.

Besigye added that the purpose of the state is what is enshrined in the constitution, adding that “once the state undermines the very purpose of its existence, the duty falls back to us- the citizen- and that duty is enshrined in ARTICLE THREE of the Constitution.”

To that end, Besigye said the people should focus on defending the constitution, including regain their rights and freedoms as enshrine the law.

“We are therefore going to organise a National Convention, where we shall discuss with the people of Uganda how best we can resolve this national crisis.
We call upon all Ugandans of different political persuasions (we know we are not the only forces seeking for change) to positively respond to defend our constitution.” Kizza Besigye concluded.

The ARTICLE 3 CAMPAIGN is purely about defending citizens constitutional rights. Whoever feels their rights and freedoms are violated, time act because only you can defend your constitutional rights

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