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Besigye, FDC and people power reacts to Besigye Kabaka run

by James Ateenyi

After taking part in the Kabaka’s birthday run on Sunday, former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Dr Kizza Besigye had this to say:

“We are successfully back from 10km road run during Kabaka’s Birthday Run 2019. My new running shoes were a little tight but I’d a great experience. Glad to make my little contribution towards the fight against Sickle Cell Disease. Aggundaggunde Ssabasajja!”

The participation of Besigye in this year Kabaka run has caused social media storm with FDC supporters appreciating him for taking part in noble cause.

“The beauty of a civil leader. No pick pockets, no ganja smokers, no empty slogans manya njaga muntu….just a good man for a good cause. God bless you Dr Kizza Besigye,” one FDC supporter said.

“If you don’t call it Kabaka’s birthday run, You can call it People power supporters run because everybody here is Bobi wine’s supporter,” Bobi Wine supporter fired back.

On the other side, supporters of Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi who did not take part in the event accused Besigye for seeking for cheap popularity.

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