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Bebe Cool surprised his supporters after misfiring on Bobi Wine tough questions

by Odongo Christopher

Bebe Cool reasoning capacity has once again come under public scrutiny after failing to answer a simple question about Bobi Wine.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine started as musicians in early 2000s but have developed hatred for each other. Appearing on Top TV on Thursday, Bebe Cool was asked to comment on whether Bobi Wine gives him sleepless Knights, Bebe’s answers left several people shocked. Here is how Bebe answered the tough questions on Bobi Wine.

Radio Presenter: How do you feel when you are ever in Bobi Wine’s shadow; As in when he came up with People Power, u also created Silent Majority, when he brought the red berets, you also came up with Silent Majority caps. Does Bobi Wine give you sleepless nights??

Bebe Cool: Bobi Wine bought an expensive car in M7’s regime, at 25yrs Bobi Wine was alreay rich in M7’s regime…He should be appreciative that he has become successful in M7’s regime. He should teach youths how he became successful.

Radio Presenter: I did not ask you to narrate for me Bobi Wine’s riches and M7’s regime. My question was very clear, Does Bobi Wine give you sleepless nights?

Bebe Cool: One thing that hurts me, I grew up with Bobi Wine. Am older than him by the way but it puzzles me to see such a young guy fighting this regime and a lot of educated people believing in him. Bobi Wine studied MDD not Leadership.

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