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Bebe Cool gives Rema two conditions for attending her wedding

by Odongo Christopher

Top city singer Big Size Bebe Cool who mentored Rema Namakula in to music at his Gagamel crew back then when the world new nothing about her has spoken out the upcoming wedding of Rema and her new fiancé.

Info within Gagamel phamily has it that Rema abandoned their boss and grew wings after meeting Eddy Kenzo and she decided to quit the crew in order to have more family time with the fellow musician. Since then Bebe and the Guttujja hit star have never shared a cup of tea.

Recently, Rema introduced her Gynaecologist, Hamza Ssebunya to her parents in Nabbingo but still Bebe didn’t show up. He instead chose to do other income generating things other than attending Kwanjula.

The Wire Wire singer claimed that Rema never delivered the invitation card to his Kiwatule home but rather sent it through another person. To him that was disrespectful! But now he has promised to attend the ceremony as Hamza weds Rema if at all she does not repeat the same mistake.

In an interview before flying out to Vietnam, Bebe opened up that Rema has to apologize for all the wrong things she did to him and deliver the wedding invitation card to bae, Zuena Kirema.

“She is my daughter, she passed through my hands and for that me and my wife deserve some respect. One, Rema knows that she has ever wronged me but still she has never asked for forgiveness which is paramount. She has to look for me and humbly say sorry. Two, for me to attend any of her functions, she has to bring the invitation card by herself at my home”, he said.

Meanwhile, Rema and Hamza have not yet set the wedding dates as they still eating themselves in this cold festive season.

We shall keep you posted!

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