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Battle lines drawn as Stella Nyanzi is set to battle Janet Museveni again

by James Ateenyi

The Makerere University Appointment Board has once again summoned Dr Stella Nyanzi for insulting the minister of Education and the first lady Hon Janet Kataha Museveni.

In a summon sent to Dr Nyanzi on October 18, the research fellow is accused of using vulgar language and abusing Mrs Museveni using her official Facebook page.
The board accuses Dr Nyanzi of referring to the first lady as a “lazy pig, big-thighed cow, poisonous snake, empty-brained leopardess and certified fool”.

“She is seriously more foolish than I envisaged. Somebody lend Janet a few brain cells please, please, please,” the board quotes Nyanzi as writing on her Facebook timeline in March 2017.

She is also accused of tarnishing the name of Makerere University by Intentionally insulting the education minister, under whose docket the University falls.

In response to the latest summons Dr Nyanzi said she has spoken the truth and stand by what she said adding that she is not scared to defend the truth.

“When did I ever deny speaking the truth about a fool? The truth liberates! I will defend the truths that I speak,” Nyanzi said.

On the charge of tarnishing Makerere University’s image, Nyanzi said that the appointments board was obsessed with “illusions of grandeur about the image of this house of vast oppressions, repressions and suppressions”.

She added; “Isn’t it the deepest insult to any scholar who has ever been at Makerere University that Janet Museveni was appointed based on pure nepotism to become Minister of Education and Sports in Uganda?”

She also questioned the qualifications of Janet Museveni for the docket she is holding adding that she got it because her husband is the appointing authority.

“Every day that she masquerades around as Minister of Education and Sports tarnishes the image of all institutions of education in our country because Janet Museveni only slept her way into that ministry,”Nyanzi asserted.

On tarnishing the name of University, this is what Nyanzi had to say; “Makerere University tarnishes her own image through defending the folly of this nepotism, exchange of sex for a position, and imposition of a failure upon the education sector.”

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