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Basalirwa speaks out on beating Besigye and Museveni in Bugiri

by Odongo Christopher


Asuman Basalirwa

Asuman Basalirwa has spoken out for the first time on being elected member of parliament in just concluded municipal election representing Bugiri municipality.

Basalirwa was speaking to NBS morning breeze. He said is he is not new to parliament because he previously worked as an intern in parliament.

He also expressed his happiness on being elected member of parliament after failing four times in the past.

When asked to summarize the recent by-election which he won Basalirwa had this to say;

“Winning an election is a very exciting and satisfying thing because we go through a lot. But most importantly, it’s an honor. We’re in a struggle and you don’t get tired or give up because the challenges will always be there. In a struggle, you don’t give a deadline, you keep trying and trying. We have objectives and aspirations to achieve. This election gave me an opportunity to interact more with the people, we had enough time to speak to each other, engage with the people, but most importantly I had the opportunity to get a boast from my Kampala colleagues. I’ve followed that Parliament very closely, when I was at LDC, I deliberately decided to do my internship from the parliament and it’s very possible to create an impression in parliament as an individual. But that means you have to read and do a lot research. If you want to be outstanding, you have to do a lot of reading and research. I’ll bring that personal experience in parliament. There are people who are voted MPs and they get their passport for the first time, buy their car for the first time, I have lived a fairly decent life and you can’t say I’m going to develop a tummy simply because I’m now an MP.”

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