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Barbie Kyagulanyi on spotlight once again

by James Ateenyi

Celebrated Fashionista Sylivia Owori attacks Kyadondo East member parliament Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi over attending the Geopolitics conference organized by the French Embassy at Makerere University.

Owori said Mrs Kyagulanyi does not deserve to attend such meetings since she (Sylivia) does not see anything influential Barbie has ever done to inspire women.

She added apart from house wife to Bobi Wine, Barbie has not anything to uplift the standard of living of women especially in her own constituency where her husband is an MP.

He statement has however, attracted criticism from Bobi Wine supporters with several calling on her on concentrate on her own business and leave Bobi Wine family alone.

“I think she is lacking what to do, what has she done herself to uplift the standard of living of women in her area,” an angry Bobi Wine said before adding that, she Owori should concentrate on looking after her children she sired with former Kampala Mayor Nasser Ssebagala.

“Kyagulanyi Barbie Itungo I am a little confused here. Are you one of the most powerful inspirational women in Uganda??? There are over 1000 women who should have rightfully been on that panel discussing Women issues. Let us not mix politics with meritocracy,” said Sylvia Owori.

Barbie also did not keep quiet but went on and replied Sylvia Owori even though the whole battle didn’t stop there as it went even amongst their fans abusing themselves.

“When you choose to attack a humble woman, you need to be psychologically prepared, because they do not stop a fire with fire, they haunt your mind. And this is what Mrs Kyagulanyi did.Sylvia Owori, am I one of the most powerful inspirational women in Uganda? OH YES I AM ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN UGANDA HAS EVER HAD and you are an inspiration too Mama. I hope they invite you next time because I know you would fit on this panel just like a Million other Inspirational women out here,” Barbie replied.

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