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Bank of Uganda officials netted with sacks of money

by Odongo Christopher

Staff of Bank of Uganda currency center in Mbale have been arrested following an internal investigation.

The arrested central bank employees are accused of smuggling money hidden in sacks from the bank. According to a report by by local dailies among the officers arrested are those in charge of the bank’s strong room, where old currency notes was being kept.

The investigation indicates that the money was supposed to be punched and later shredded but the staff had instead stolen it and injected it back into supply.

BoU’s director of Communications Charity Mugumya, confirmed the incident saying investigations had commenced into the conduct of staff and that some had been asked to step aside.

“We are carrying out internal investigations at our Mbale branch. As such, some members of staff have been requested to step aside as investigations continue. The Mbale branch is operating normally,” Mugumya said.

The scandal comes only a few months as a number of Central Bank top bosses were arrested by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit over a consignment that was delivered at the bank premises in Kampala.

It later emerged that the consignment was used to smuggle individual items disguised as government items in a chartered plane in an effort to bypass customs clearance at Entebbe International Airport.

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