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Bad Black reveals the biggest disappointment in her life since 2016

by Odongo Christopher

City socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa popularly known as Bad Black has is complaining about the performance of men who have failed to make her cum since 2016.

“Cum” or “cumming” is a vulgar slang word for the liquid that comes out during ejaculation or to experience sexual orgasm.

“My fellow Ugandans, I am here to tell you that I don’t cum anymore. For all those years, even if I love the man, I don’t come. Please help me cum as I enter 2019,” she pleaded in a video.

“I have my money Shs500,000. I’m looking for herbs [local medicine] that can help solve my problem. I will even give you a prize if you can help me. I have sold myself but my problem has persisted.”

She reached out to women who have real strong men to lend them to her so she can reach sexual orgasm.

She explains that over the years, she has engaged in prostitution with various men of all colour in Dubai including Chinese. She says only one Chinese man with a “small penis” managed to make her cum.

She however, added that she was not excited about the little money the Chinese paid her because she is used to fleecing rich men.

“I don’t want to run for president. All I want is to reach sexual orgasm. My dear Ugandans, please save me. Let me also start 2019 with an orgasm.”

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