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Arua torture victim explains why Besigye is better than Bobi Wine

by James Ateenyi

“FDC was strong in 2001; FDC was strong in 2006; FDC was very strong in 2011, what happened after that? The people we elect as our leaders are thieves. They mind about money and not causing change.”

“I was arrested as an old man and transferred to Kireka in Kampala. I was asked why I support Kizza Besigye and I told them he is my leader. We love Besigye because he is very strong and firm. He is not easily intimidated.”

“He can be with many people but when forces come to attack him, he remains alone because he is firm and strong.”

“Kizza Besigye (pointing at him), remain firm. We are behind you. Don’t be intimidated by this Museveni? Who is Museveni to intimidate you?”

The Pain of 69yr old Nassur Adrabo from Arua, who was arrested from Arua in 2011 and transferred to Kireka and Kololo in Kampala where he was tortured for supporting Kizza Besigye.

From torture, Adrabo’s left arm was dislocated and his eyes damaged. They accused him of getting money from Kizza Besigye to buy guns from Sudan to fight Museveni government.

Mzee Adrabo is angry and bitter. He is unforgiving to Museveni too. I spoke to him on the sidelines and he told me “I don’t have the courage to forgive Museveni after what they did to me in Kireka and Kololo.”

Mzee Adrabo recruited during Reform Agenda days, was today speaking to FDC leaders from West Nile at Bishop Comboni Youth Centre in Ediofe, Arua.

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