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Arua Parliamentary Aspirant Arrested with Forged Documents

by James Ateenyi

There was a dramatic scene at Arua following arrests of one of the candidate who had turned up for nomination for the vacant Arua Municipality Parliamentary seat.
Micheal Angunda was arrested by Electoral Commission officials and handed over to police for presenting fake and falsified documents to seek nominations.
His trouble started when official at nominations centre suspected the authenticity of his nomination form after started thorough scrutiny into his documents.It was later established that he used an acknowledgement stamp on his nomination form instead of a Commissioner for Oath stamp.
Officials said he arrived at the venue four minutes to the closure of exercise carrying
toy megaphone and a table phone. He came without seconders after being told it is a procedure to have them prior to nominations he started calling his friends who all turn down his invite.
He was later allowed to present his documents before EC official where the official later realised his did not have bank payment slip raising doubts on his seriousness. He told the officials his colleagues are bringing the money in cash and he begged them to receive his documents while waiting for arrival of his colleagues.
The commission agreed to receive his documents and started scrutiny which later revealed that instead of the Commissioner of Oaths signing on the documents with a stamp, his forms was stamped and signed Counsel Sam Ondoma from Alaka and Co. Advocates.
Commission decided to to reach Ondoma on phone but he denied ever signing on Agunda’s form.
He was with immediate effect arrested and handed over to police for further investigation and prosecution.
Forgery is criminal offence under Uganda constitution.

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